Key Concepts: Storyboards

The Storyboard is a visual representation of the user interface in your app. You can drag and drop different user interface elements, which are UIView subclasses (like UIButton) and when you run the app, they will be instantiated by the Storyboard as you placed them.

ViewControllers are individual screens in your app. Each viewController is an instance of the UIViewController class.

Views that you have added to your Storyboard can be referenced by defining their outlets.

Views typically have actions. The most common is that: a button is tapped. Actions can be "hooked up" to your code.

All objects are instances of classes. All objects have a variable: self. Inside class methods self refers to that instance of the object. In most of your code self will refer to an instance of a UIViewController, but this is just because most of the time we are writing UIViewController subclasses.

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